The External Payload Integration Kit (EPiK) is a set of boards designed to ramp up your experiment/payload development experience and add confidence that your experiment power and communication will work.  We want you to concentrate on your payload science, not how to manage power and communicate to your science.  And when you have completed your science, you should be able to get your science handed back to you on Earth for further inspection and possible re-use for your next set of experiments.

Your software development should use the latest technologies to provide flexibility and portability between an accurate test environment straight to the flight model with no recompiling or tweaks that could cause critical errors during flight.  Your ground development experience should be nearly identical to your flight experience.

EPiK is comprised of a set of boards that (1) provide a common interface to your science, (2) adapt your science to the ISS host platform or choice, (3) provide you monitored power and (4) always keep you updated via the host platform communication method to Earth.  You develop your custom software using the portable Python or Node/JS.

Ground Based SDK

During your ground-based payload development experience, you need the Experiment Adapter Module (EAM) to provide a common method of access the I/O of your science.  Your ground development team can connect a PC, a BeagleBone or a Raspberry Pi board to the EAM to develop your software for your science using our provided EAM libraries and modules for either Python or Node/JS.  Once the development team is complete and your ground based test scenarios are satisfied, the software from your team is moved over to the CPU board of the EPiK system, the Platform Adapter Module is connected to the Airbus DS Houston ground simulator for the host platform and integration testing can proceed.