ArgUS provides a payload adaptation to the Bartolomeo platform, which will allow for 6 payloads to fit into 1 Bartolomeo slot. This innovation will allow an increased number of experiments to be flown, increasing space knowledge and application. We are currently seeking companies that would want to conduct space research to fly on ArgUS. If interested, please email today!

ArgUS (2)

ArgUS is named after the Greek mythological giant with 100 eyes known as a guardian for his vigilance and observation.  He was also the builder of the ship Argo (used be the Argonauts) and was known to have traveled through Italy. 

ArgUS capabilities- 

  • hosts multiple payloads while being mounted in a standard Bartolomeo Slot.
  • provides switchable 28V power to each of the 6 payloads on the platform.
  • can limit power to each individual payload.
  • provides Gigabit ethernet between the payload controller and the payload.
  • routes payload traffic to the Bartolomeo Data Handling System.
  • can be manifested with various payload sizes from 1U to 60U